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HTML5 Essentials

HTML5 the Game Changer

HTML5 Essentials

What you’ll learn

  • Semantic Elements and Markup
  • Adding Media in HTML5
  • An Overview of CSS3
  • Overview of HTML5 Graphics (SVG, Canvas)
  • HTML5 for Web Applications
  • Next Steps

Intended Audience

  • Web Designers who want to improve their web development skills.
  • Frontend Web Developers who need to quickly understand HTML5
  • Mobile App Developers who work with HTML

Additional information on the session

Why Learn HTML5?

“HTML5 Essentials” is the first in our “Web Essentials” series. At the end of this session you will better understand the purpose of HTML5, why it is a game changer and its practical applications for real life projects. At some point you hit a wall which you cannot pass without going back to basics, this is the session that fixes that.

Let's be clear about this, HTML5 is more than a nice to have. Combined with CSS3 and Javascript, it is becoming pivotal to the way that software is developed and not just for the web but on Mobile and Desktop platforms as well. But you probably knew all of this already, which is why you're here, right?