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The Learning Roadmap for Web Technologies

Figure out what's right for you, find out what you need to learn to become a web publisher or programmer.

The Learning Roadmap for Web Technologies

What you’ll learn

A tour of web tools and technologies

  • Knowledge Requirements
  • Time Requirements
  • What is Web Application Development
  • What is Web Publishing

Intended Audience

Career Switchers

Startups and Startup owners




Additional information on the session

Presenter: David Bain (founder of Alteroo and the Tutorate project). 
When: Tuesday March 31, 2014
Time: 5:30 - 7:30 pm
Location: Mona Technology Park (UWI, Mona, Jamaica) see map below
Price: USD$60


With so many ways to learn web technology wouldn't it be great to have an experienced guide to help you get started? The time you waste heading down dead-end paths trying to learn all this web design-programming- publishing-ecommerce-security-user-experience-javascript-html-ebook stuff could have be put to much better use... or maybe you're so overwhelmed that you've put off getting started. 

To make matters worse you may not know how to discern whether what you're learning is going to be useful in the future or if it is already out of date.

Tutorate's Learning Roadmap for Web Technologies aims to simplify some of the choices as you embark on your journey.
Whether you're an entrepreneur that want's to learn to code or an author interested in launching an ebook business, this session will guide you towards a sensible path. At the end you'll be just a tiny bit more confident as you embark on your journey toward web technology fluency.