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Full Stack Web Development Advanced

This course builds on the Full Stack Web Development Basic course and provides an in-depth and hands-on exploration of building and managing scalable web applications. You start with the principles of web servers and building a basic application from scratch to using a framework and working with a Big Data backend. In the process you'll iteratively build two web applications


  • Object Oriented Python (Classes, Methods & Inheritance)

  • SQL

  • Basic unix command line

  • Basic Jquery and Javascript

Duration: 8 weeks (2 evenings a week and 3 Saturdays)

Cost: US$1,300 per student

Areas covered in the course

Extract data from a database;working with the SQLAlchemy ORM;Introduction to Flask;Running a Webserver;TCP/IP concepts;HTTP Requests and Responses;Routing;Templates;Forms;Sending data in JSON format;the Iterative development approach;Creating a simple API;Securing a web application;Oauth Security;Permission systems;Using Third Party Auth providers;Oauth Flows;The Google App Engine Development Cycle;Creating an API with Cloud End Points;User management;The Big Table Datastore;Kinds, entities, properties and keys;Data relationships;Working with Data indexes;Datastore queries;Memcache;Task Queues and Cronjobs;

Projects Include

  • Data-driven menu application
  • Conference management application