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Full Stack Web Development Basic

This course uses bite sized steps to lay the foundation for full stack web development. You'll learn useful debugging practices and the process of using search engines and reading documentation in solving programming problems. Learn about the standard Python library, database concepts, SQL and the Python DB API.


  • Understanding of Python data types (dictionaries, lists, tuples)
  • Experience using a Text Editor
  • Ability to work with for, while and if statements

Duration: 6 weeks (2 evenings a week and 2 Saturdays)

Cost: US$1,120 per student

Areas covered in the course

Working with for loops; the Python standard library; Basic debugging procedures; Navigating and understanding Python documentation; Using classes; Organizing your code; Using external python packages, Using pip; Builtin functions, Reading files from the filesystem and file objects; using urllib to query websites; designing new classes; good coding practices; good code structure; Object oriented programming concepts; extending a programme; class variables; docstrings; predefined class variables; inheritance; method and variable overriding; Database concepts; working with SQL; the Python DB-API; Sanitizing Data; Normalizing databases; Joins, Primary and Foreign Keys; 

Projects Include

  • Drawing shapes with Python
  • Sending text messages with Python and external packages
  • Filtering text from a text file
  • Python standard library project
  • Managing an inventory of Zoo animals
  • Building a game tournament